Build Your Disciple-Making Pathway

Jesus calls every person to come be His disciple. “Follow me!” is His repeated blunt call to the first disciples - and to each one of us!

Yet His call doesn’t stop there. Biblically, there is no such thing as a disciple of Jesus who doesn’t go and make other disciples. 

We are blessed to be a blessing.

We are called to Jesus, and immediately He starts sending us out to reach our lost neighbors. 

Remember, it is as we go that our most impactful growth as disciples will occur. Discipleship and mission are inextricably tied together.

Neither discipleship nor mission are sustainable when done without the empowering of the Holy Spirit. 

For without an active dependence on the Spirit, we stumble into striving, legalism, or ritual that substitutes for relationship.

This is why this Course is called SOW: Season Of Witness. As Jesus sows into us, we can immediately go and sow into others, to His glory!

7-Step Process

7 foundational steps to form disciples who are able to go and start making other disciples THIS WEEK!

  • 1. PRAYER - Specific prayers receive specific answers

  • 2. PARTIES - Form relationships and see who likes Jesus in you

  • 3. PERSON OF PEACE - Your gatekeeper to wider breakthrough

  • 4. PROFOUND CONVERSATIONS - An authentic process that works

  • 5. PRESENCE OF GOD - Why we love to ask, "Can I pray for you?"

  • 6. PATHWAY OF SCRIPTURE - Use a tool like Discovery Bible Study

  • 7. PATTERN OF COMMUNITY - "Let's all learn from Jesus"

Your Course Guides

Alex and Hannah Absalom

Alex and Hannah Absalom lead Dandelion Resourcing, which focuses on equipping naturally supernatural discipleship and mission. Originally from England, the Absaloms have been in church leadership since 1994 - from church planting to megachurches, in both the UK and the US. For much of that time they have also served the wider church, through speaking, writing, and coaching. Today Hannah and Alex live in Long Beach CA, where Alex plays lots of soccer and Hannah enjoys city life. With their three young adult sons and two daughters-in-law, they are called as a family of missionaries to the USA.

Learn From Our Experiments and Experiences

We have lived in a wide range of communities and contexts, in both the USA and the UK. The Lord has used those experiences to train us to think like missionaries wherever He places us.

We have also consistently layered in theological reading and reflection, learning from some of the best minds both today and in the past. 

Into that mix comes a deep dependency upon the Holy Spirit. Without His empowering presence, all of our attempts at mission won't produce much lasting fruit!

The SOW: Season Of Witness Course is designed to give you 7 achievable steps that will enable you to go and make disciples right now! 

Everything about it:

  • Has been extensively field tested
  • Is easy to reproduce
  • Works across cultures
  • Will boost your witness and confidence

Now you can stand on our shoulders and move straight into effective missionary disciple-making!

How This Course Will Work for You

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    With a group or by yourself, the videos and handouts give biblical foundations and clear next steps


    Immediately take what you learn and put it into practice in your everyday life!

Course curriculum

    1. WELCOME to the SOW: Season of Witness Course!

    2. Introduction

    1. Instructions

    2. Session 1 Handout - Prayer

    3. Session 1 Group Questions - Prayer

    4. Session 1 Video - Prayer

    1. Instructions

    2. Session 2 Handout - Parties

    3. Session 2 Group Questions - Parties

    4. Session 2 Video - Parties

    1. Instructions

    2. Session 3 Handout - Person of Peace

    3. Session 3 Group Questions - Person of Peace

    4. Session 3 Video - Person of Peace

    1. Instructions

    2. Session 4 Handout - Profound Conversations

    3. Session 4 Group Questions - Profound Conversations

    4. Session 4 Video - Profound Conversations

    1. Instructions

    2. Session 5 Handout - Presence of God

    3. Session 5 Group Questions - Presence of God

    4. Session 5 Video - Presence of God

About this course

  • $49.00
  • 2.5 hours of video content
  • Includes downloadable handouts and group discussion questions for every session

Step into your Season Of Witness today.

A commitment to making disciples that will change lives forever.